Sink or Swim

OPENING RECEPTION: Sunday, September 11, 2016.                    5:00pm - 10:00pm

LOCATION: POOL Gallery, 3034 Selma, Dallas, TX 75234



Samantha McCurdy - sammmccurdy@gmail.com Samanthamccurdy.com

Presented By PARIAH


  • Nicole Nadeau
  • Colin McElroy
  • Noel de Lesseps
  • Pierre Krause
  • Bennet Schlesinger
  • Nick Stewart
  • Hiyme Brummett
  • Paul Winker

SINK or SWIM is a group exhibition inside of a Dallas suburban swimming pool. Goggles will be provided to viewers experiencing work beneath the surface. The pool in the suburban southwest exists as a monument of sorts among the middle class. Manicured tropical gardens and augustine lawns surround this waterhole escape from the arid inhospitable nature of North Texas.