Part domestic space and part artist studio,  PARIAH houses art performance, experimental noise, media installation, painting, and other 2d media.

Outside the walls of its physical space, PARIAH evaluates and illuminates artists and their practices through CONVERSATIONS IN THE VOID, an online interview program, in addition to a variety of audio podcasts. All media is filmed and produced within PARIAH. 

Founded by artists Joshua von Ammon and Frank Darko, PARIAH strives to enrich the local community by providing an alternative space for artists to exhibit and curate work outside of the commercial art sphere.  Promoting the exploration of techinique, creative context, and dialougue in an atmosphere free from the financial fetters apparent within the larger art market, PARIAH uses its DIY initiative to foster a haven for artistic and intellectual development.



1501 Gano st
Dallas, TX, 75210

Frank Darko - Frank@pariaharts.com
Joshua von Ammon - Joshua@pariaharts.com